Business & Industry Certificates

Microsoft Office Certification

Program Information

Students in this program will gain valuable experience and skills making them more sought after in most careers than their peers. Certifications are widely recognized as evidence of Microsoft Office skills mastery, indicators of immediate productivity, and differentiating factors among other applicants. Employers regularly use certifications as selection criteria for hiring and promotion, and are often willing to pay certified professionals more.

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Completion Requirements

To receive this degree or certificate, a student must:

  • Attain a grade of C or higher in each required course.
  • Attain a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 (C).
  • Take at least 3 nationally recognized Microsoft Office certification tests.

Contact Information

Karen Waddell
Co-Department Chair, Professor
BOE 216A

Lisa Schmidt
Co-Department Chair
Office: BOE 216B

First Term: 9 Credit Hours

Total Certification Credit Hours: 9