About Behavioral Science

Study what it means to be human. You’ll go far in a world full of them.

Having insights into the dynamics of human behavior can be an invaluable asset throughout your life. The more you understand about the people you interact with, the more effective you can be in developing productive and rewarding relationships. Businesses thrive to the extent that they understand their customers. Educators can only be as effective at teaching as they are at motivating their students. And every time someone is hired, someone with training in behavioral science has likely been involved in finding that new employee.

Butler offers a diversified exposure to Behavioral Science which includes the fields of Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. In our Psychology courses, you’ll study the way the brain develops, functions and learns, normal and abnormal behavior, human sexuality and the intellectual, emotional and behavioral development of children. You’ll study how we behave in groups, organizations and societies in our Sociology classes. Anthropology will introduce you to the even broader perspective of how our cultural differences have evolved and what those changes can teach us about our future.

Your Butler degree in Behavioral Science can lead to a career in: