Elementary Education

Big changes come in small packages. 

Ask elementary school teachers and they will tell you there’s nothing quite as rewarding as introducing young children to the adventure of learning. Elementary school is where everything is new to young minds and where your enthusiasm and passion can ignite young imaginations and potential.

There’s no better place to begin your path to teaching than Butler Community College. Our classes are small enough that our professors get to know you personally, helping you build confidence in your teaching skills. We structure generous time for field experience in area schools to give you a practical, real-world understanding of how to develop lesson plans and employ the latest technology and techniques working with elementary school students.

The classrooms of tomorrow need teachers who engage students and inspire them to learn. When you come to Butler, that’s the kind of teacher you will learn to become because that’s how our professors will teach you every day.

Associate of Arts, Elementary Education

Associate of Science, Elementary Education

Associate of Arts, BEST Program, Elementary Education