Secondary Education

Learn to connect with your students from professors who connect with you.

When you teach in a high school or middle school, you specialize in a specific subject that you enjoy, such as math, science, or music. This means you get to spend each teaching day sharing your passion with students who are discovering their own aptitude for your subject. Igniting a fire among your students is the kind of experience that turns a job into a career and a career into a legacy of life-changing contributions.

Butler’s Secondary Education program welcomes you to the passionate experience of teaching. You work closely with professors in small classes where you get the support and encouragement you need to build exemplary teaching skills. You will sharpen those skills in area schools while working with practicing teachers, learning how to develop and execute lesson plans and how to effectively manage a classroom. You will also learn about the latest teaching methods and how to integrate advanced technology into your lessons.

The demand for exemplary teachers will continue to increase in the years ahead. Learning to teach in the supportive, personal environment at Butler is the best way to build the comfort level you will need in the classroom to inspire your future students in the same way that your professors at Butler will inspire you.

Associate of Arts, Secondary Education

Associate of Science, Secondary Education