The future of agriculture depends on smart business managers.

As global demand for food production continues to rise, agriculture will have to become more efficient, more productive and more profitable. That’s why there will continue to be a heightened demand for business managers who can specialize in the agriculture industry. So if you have a head for numbers and a heart for the farm or ranch, a career in Agribusiness may be a perfect fit.

An Associate’s degree in Agribusiness can lead to management opportunities in food production, finance, or in the supply or equipment manufacturing industry. You might work as a sales representative, real estate agent, commodity merchandiser or farm manager. There are also more opportunities in the new biofuels industry which has a growing presence in our region of the country.

When you major in Agribusiness, you will have the opportunity to learn the principles of agriculture economics, crop and soil management, marketing of agricultural products and futures markets, just to name a few. You may also want to participate in our Ag Ambassadors program, a student organization that provides excellent team and leadership learning experiences.


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Your degree in Agribusiness can lead to a career in:

Agricultural Production


Commodities Trading

Farm Management



Produce Marketing

Supply Chain Management