Agribusiness Course Sequence

Agribusiness - Associate in Science

Career & Technical Education Division

Students interested in Agricultural Economics or business choose the Agribusiness degree offering. Recent graduates hold positions as agricultural sales representatives, crop consultants, loan officers, real estate agents, commodity merchandisers and farm managers. Below is the four semester suggested curriculum for the Agribusiness degree.

First Semester 16 Hours:

Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 English Composition I (EG 101)
 Principles of Animal Science (AG 102)
 Agriculture Economics (AG 120)
 Agriculture in Society (AG 111)
 College Chemistry (CH 110)





Second Semester 16 Hours:

Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 English Composition II (EG 102)
 Fundamentals of Livestock Nutrition (AG 211)
 Microcomputers in Agriculture (AG 107)
 Accounting I (BA 126)
 College Algebra (MA 135)
 Physical Education Requirement





Third Semester 15 Hours:

Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 Accounting II (BA 127)
 Speech Communications (SP 100 or SP 102)
 Related Elective (See list below)
 Humanities Requirement
 Behavioral Science Requirement





Fourth Semester 16 Hours:

Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 Managerial Accounting (BA 204)
 Crop Science (AG 220)
 Related Elective (See list below)
 Behavioral Science Requirement
 Fine Arts Requirement





Related Electives:

  • Microcomputers in Agriculture
  • Feeder Livestock Prod. Mgmt.
  • Breeding Livestock Prod. Mgmt.
  • Agriculture in Society
  • Livestock Selection I
  • Crop and Soil Management
  • Meat Science Fundamentals
  • Livestock Health and Disease
  • Marketing Agriculture Products
  • Swine Management
  • Beef Management
  • Range Management
  • Livestock Rations
  • Horse Science
  • Equine Production
  • Internship I-II
  • Cooperative Education I-IV
  • Directed Independent Study in Agriculture
  • Livestock Judging I-IV