Food Science & Safety

Help to protect and expand the nutritional value of our foods.

We hear a great deal about the health benefits or risks of foods of all kinds these days. New research is constantly being released that recommends what to eat more of and what to avoid. Then there’s the enormous popularity of diets, some of which are based on sound science and many of which unfortunately are not.

Food scientists are the professionals in the trenches of the battle to ensure the nutritional value and safety of what we eat. The Associate’s program at Butler prepares you to seek your Bachelor’s degree at a four-year college. You’ll learn about the chemistry and biology involved in the production of foods as well as the processes that make food safe and edible. Our recently renovated Agriculture building offers advanced labs and technology to ensure you learn on the forefront of the science.

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Your degree in Food Science & Safety can lead to a career in:

Food Production

Food Research

Food Safety



Quality Assurance