Suggested Course Sequence

Business Administration - Associate in Science

Career & Technical Education Division 

First Semester

Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 Accounting I (BA 126)
 Information Processing Systems (BA 104)
 English Composition I (EG 101)
 College Algebra (MA 131 or MA 135)
 Introduction to Business (BA 110)

Second Semester

 Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 Accounting II (BA 127)
 English Composition II (EG 102)
 Public Speaking (SP 100)
 Fine Arts requirement
 Lab Science requirement

Third Semester

 Course Title (CRN)  Hours 
 Managerial Accounting (BA 204)
 Calculus with Applications (MA 148)
 Principles of Microeconomics (MA 200)
 Humanities requirement
 Related Elective*

 Fourth Semester

 Course Title (CRN) Hours 
 Principles of Macroeconomics (EC 201)
 Statistics (MA 220)
 Behavioral Science requirement
 Physical Education requirement
 Related Elective*

*Related Electives: 

  • Business Ethics
  • Business Ethics for the Working Adult
  • Business Communication for the Working Adult
  • Business Law 1
  • Business Law 2
  • Career Development
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Cooperative Education I-IV
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Cyber Marketing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Exploring Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Keys to Success in the Workplace
  • Leadership at Work
  • Leadership Development Capstone
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Selling
  • Principles of Management
  • Retail Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Team and Community Building
  • The Changing Workplace
  • The Emerging Leader
  • Writing a Business Plan