Certified Restorative Aide

Helping patients get back on their feet can be an uplifting career.

If you've ever had an injury that has disabled you for any time, you know that the road to recovery can be challenging. As more us live longer lives, the potential for disabling injuries or conditions increases. Physical therapists are seeing significant increases in their patient loads and are continuing to rely on the support of Certified Restorative Aides (CRA). 

The curriculum instructs you in musculoskeletal anatomy and function, the full range of restorative exercise therapies, and the preparation and execution of care plans. In addition to classroom instruction, you'll spend plenty of time learning to use rehabilitative equipment.

Prerequisites for Certified Restorative Aide (AH 124, 2 credit hours)

  • Must be a Certified Nurse Aide in Kansas or have just completed AH 122 Certified Nurse Aide for Kansas Nursing Homes with a C or better.
  • Student must take the ASSET exam before enrolling.
  • Bring the following on the first day of class: copy of Certified Nurse Aide number
  • Each student must pay a fee for the state exam. This will be collected with tuition.