FAFSA in the Fall

Complete the FAFSA Early

You may now complete the FAFSA as early as October 1.

The Details:File FAFSA in the Fall

Butler will begin providing estimated awards in November! Yes, that's right. Apply as early as October 1 and get your estimated award letter that much sooner. Students and parents know earlier what financial aid will be received. In turn, more time for planning!

The earlier you fill it out, the better the chance of getting more aid!

Visit FAFSA.gov to file.

Fafsa deadlines


+What if my income information changes?

  • We know that income and financial situations can change from year to year. We may be able to make adjustments to your FAFSA data based on your current situation. This process is referred to as Professional Judgment. Please contact our office to see if you qualify. You may also read more information about Professional Judgment and special circumstances.

+Does this change your document priority date?

  • July 1 – Fall classes (Aug-Dec)
  • December 1 – Spring classes (Jan-May)
  • May 1 - Summer classes (June-July)

+My award letter says "estimated", what does this mean?

  • If you complete the financial aid process early, you are likely to receive an estimated award letter. The types of aid and amounts from the estimated award letter can be used to assist with planning, but it should be noted that the awards may be subject to change. All students receiving an estimated award letter will receive an updated official award letter during the spring.