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BEARS Emergency Notifications

BEARS (Butler Emergency Alert Reporting System) is Butler’s automated emergency notification system. This system provides a method for the College to notify all faculty, staff and students of campus emergencies. BEARS will contact up to six communication points identified by each student. The communication points can include their choice of cell phone, home telephone, text messaging and/or computer e-mail addresses to notify when there are school emergencies and closings (generally weather related).

Butler will not close unless extreme weather conditions prevail. However, students and staff are encouraged to consider their own safety when making the decision whether to travel to class. Faculty and supervisors are asked to be understanding when people are absent because of weather-related circumstances. If day classes are cancelled the media will be notified by 6:00 a.m. If evening classes are cancelled radio/television (both local and metro) will be notified by 4:30 p.m. Students and staff who have registered through BEARS will receive emergency notifications via their chosen communication points if classes are cancelled.

To register with BEARS, simply follow the Emergency Update Information link after logging in on the Butler Pipeline website. There are additional means of emergency notifications on the campuses.