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Tutoring Locations & Hours

*Please be sure to bring your student I.D. when you meet with your tutor. 

*These schedules are subject to change

Tutoring is Available in El Dorado and Andover:

General Tutoring in El Dorado:

1500 Building, Room 15-124

El Dorado Tutoring Schedule Spring 2020

To Contact BOE General Tutoring Lab Directly: 322.3198


El Dorado Math Lab:

El Dorado campus, 1500 Bldg - Rm 15-126.

Spring 2020 Schedule to Come

El Dorado Math Schedule 2019

To Contact BOE Math Lab Directly: 316.322.3398


General Tutoring in Andover:

5000 Building, Student Union Room 5302

Andover Tutoring Schedule Spring 2020

To Contact the BOA Tutoring Center Directly: 316.322.3199


Andover Math Lab:

Andover campus, 5000 Bldg - 5110

Spring 2020 Schedule to Come

Andover Math Schedule 2019

To Contact BOA Math Lab Directly: 316.218.6257



Butler Service Center

2626 S. Rock Rd Ste. #116

Wichita, KS 67210 

Math tutoring available by appointment only, call the BCC Service Center at 316-691-9456.