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NetTutor Online Tutoring

Never struggle alone, we are here 24/7! Online tutoring is available to all students for free. NetTutor provides tutoring that fits your schedule for all courses that you take and is accessible through Pipeline and Canvas. NetTutor is now accessible on mobile devices (Android, Apple, Windows devices).

Directions for using NetTutor in Pipeline


  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Select any class from Dashboard or Courses.
  3. Select NetTutor Link.
  4. A new window will open, taking you directly to the tutoring site.
  5. Select the desired subject. 

NetTutor Live Tutoring Schedule

If you click on the link and are taken to a page asking you to pay for the service, something is wrong. Check to make sure you have selected the current term. If there is still a problem, email Crystal Aluko at with the name of the link "NetTutor Online Tutoring" section.