A smart start on the long journey to a career in medicine.

The decision to become a physician is one which involves a commitment to as much as 14 years of higher education and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. But the journey always begins with a core group of required courses that you can complete much more economically.

Butler offers an Associate Degree in Pre-Medicine that includes the essential introductory courses in biology, chemistry and physics as well as general education requirements in English, social sciences and the humanities. You can even tackle the more academically challenging subject of organic chemistry working in our small-class environment, where instructors can give you more one-on-one assistance. You arrive at the next phase in your education with a confident command of basic subjects that form the important foundation of your training.

When you choose Butler, your credits will transfer to most four-year colleges, and you will have significantly reduced the overall cost of your education. The path to your career as a physician will be long and challenging. Getting a well-rounded start on the required courses for your undergraduate years will pay dividends academically and economically years down the road.

For information on our Pre-Medicine degree, contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Meyer
Associate Professor, Biology
Office: BOE 15141