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Early Childhood Education Pathway

Early Childhood Education Pathway Course Track

Classes Early Childhood Education Pathway Students Will Take:

Semester 1  
CD122 Princ. Of Early Childhood Ed I 3
CD124 Infant & Toddler Development 3
KCCTO Training Modules  
Pediatric CPR/First Aid  
PD114 Early College Academy I 1
CD115 Creative Experiences for Young Children (For AAS Degree and evening only) 3
  Total: 7
Semester 2  
CD220 EC Program & Curriculum Plan 3
CD123 Princ. Of Early Childhood Ed II 3
CD223 Child Care Practicum I 3
PD115 Early College Academy II 1
CD125 Child Nutrition & Health (For AAS degree and evening only) 3
  Total: 13
Semester 3  
CD225 Interaction Techniques with Young Children 3
CD135 Special Needs in Early Childhood 3
CD224 Child Care Practicum II 3
PD214 Early College Academy III 1
EG101 English Comp I concurrently    3
BS160 General Psychology concurrently 3
  Total: 13
Semester 4  
CD295 Leadership in Early Childhood 3
CD222 Child Care Administration 3
PD215 Early College Academy IV 1
EG102 English Comp II concurrently 3
  Total: 13

After High School Graduation

BA104 Information Processing Systems 3
MA114 Technical Math or above 3
CD226  Building Relationships with Families 3
CD221  Early Childhood Program & Curriculum Planning Lab 1
LT260  Children’s Literature 3
BS260 Developmental Psychology OR BS270 Child Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours – 1 semester after high school graduation to complete the entire AAS 16
Courses in bold and italic are tution-free


Lisa Bolin
Butler of Andover, 9100 Building
110 E. 21st Street
Andover, KS 67002

Heather Rinkenbaugh
Dean of Early College Academies and Other Campus Locations