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Early College Education Academy

Education Academy Course Track

Classes Education Academy Students Will Take

Semester 1  
BS160 General Psychology 3
MA125 Intermediate  Algebra  3
ED206 Introduction to Teaching 3
SP100 Public Speaking  3
AR100 Art Appreciation 3
PD114 Early College Academy 1  1
  Total: 16
Semester 2  
MA135 College Algebra 3
BI110 General Biology 5
HS131 US History I 3
ED220 Introduction to Special Education 3
PD115 Early College Academy 2  1
  Total: 15
Semester 3  
BS260 Developmental Psychology 3
FW220 Healthy Living 3
PL291 Ethics 3
ED222 Technology in the Classroom 3
MU105 Fundamentals of Music    3
PD214 Early College Academy 3 1
  Total: 16 
Semester 4  
PO141 American Federal Government 3
BS106 Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3
PS100 General Physical Science 5
LT260 Children's Literature 3
Early College Academy 4 PD215 1
  Total: 15
Outside Academy   
EG101 English Composition I (concurrently) 3
EG102 English Composition 2 (concurrently) 3
FW190 Fitness for Life 2
Total Academy Hours for AS El Ed/BEST Degree  70
Courses in bold and italic are tution-free