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Butler is aware of an issue with Pipeline due to recent updates to Google Chrome.

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Cyber Security Pathway

Cyber Security Pathway Course Track

 Classes Every Cyber Security Pathway Student Will Take

Semester 1  
IN106 CompTIA A+ Essentials 3
IN168 CompTIA A+ Practical Applications 3
IN133 Supporting Networked Computers 3
IN159 Information Tech Project Management 3
PD114 Academy Class I (8-week class) 1
PD115 Academy Class II (8-week class) 1
  Total: 14
Semester 2  
IN130 Network Clients 3
IN2001 Principles of Info Assurance 3
IN131 Network Servers 3
IN155 Administering Windows Server 3
BS160 General Psychology 3
  Total: 15
Semester 3  
IN2005 Digital Forensics 3
IN237 Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 3
IN201 C# 3
IN2002 Network Security 3
SP100 Public Speaking 3
  Total: 15
Semester 4  
IN2003 Enterprise Security Management 3
IN2007 Advanced Digital Forensics 3
IN279 Advanced Security Practitioner 3
BA109 Entrepreneurship 3
PD214 Academy Class III (8-week class) 1
PD215 Academy Class IV (8-week class) 1
  Total: 14
Total Academy Hours for AAS Cyber Security Degree  67

*Classes are subject to change

Degree Completion

To earn an Associate’s Degree from Butler, students must complete the courses listed above as well as:

  • EG101 English Comp I
  • EG102 English Comp II
  • MA114 Technical Math or higher

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