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PH130 Online Lab Supplies

There are a few things not listed (paper, rubber band) but this list covers the items you will need to borrow or purchase inexpensively. 

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • A car (your own or a friend's)
  • Stop watch (your cell phone or tablet might have one in the Clock app)
  • Masking tape
  • Glass marble
  • Something to measure distance in metric scale
  • String, twine or yarn
  • Item to make a long ramp for marble (wrapping paper tube, measuring stick, Hot Wheels track, 2x4)
  • Small toy truck or small box that will slide easily
  • 15 metal washers or nuts (3/8-1/2") all the same weight, or roll of nickels
  • Thermometer with range 30 Celsius down to -10 Celsius.  You can use Fahrenheit but then you will have to convert – so you need a thermometer with a range from just below freezing to room temperature. Find at for about $9.
  • Plastic freezer bag
  • Roll of nickels
  • Two paraffin wax blocks (canning section of hardware or grocery store) or two small white votive candles 
  • Magnets (small bar ones are preferred)
  • Insulated circuit wire (aka hookup wire)
  • Two flashlight bulbs (holders are good but optional) 
  • C or D size battery (voltage must be compatible with flashlight bulb)
  • Slinky (metal is best)
  • two small flat rectangular mirrors
  • Protractor
  • Magnifying glass