Military Tuition Assistance | Butler Community College

Military Tuition Assistance

For the most current information on Veterans Benefits and GI Bill® procedures and policies, please visit the Veterans homepage.

Please send all Tuition Assistance authorizations to, attention Joni Gilbert prior to the last day to pay as indicated on this website. Active Service members should obtain approval from their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor with their Military Service prior to enrolling.

  • Army, Army Reserve and National Guard can obtain their Tuition Assistance papers by completing the application on this website: armyignited. When approved, a copy of your Tuition Assistance form will be sent to your AKO email address.
  • Kansas National Guard can ask for the AGKS/KBOR Form 6006 from Butler's Accounts Receivable office or access it online. After you have filled out this form, please return it to the above address.
  • For all Navy and Marine students, please apply for Tuition Assistance at the official USG website. Please submit your papers prior to the last day to pay.
  • Air Force Students, please contact our office at Butler of McConnell Air Force Base at 316.323.6050 or the Rock Road Service Center at 316.323.6060
  • All MYCAA students go to Military One Source and click on the MYCAA link. When approved, a copy of your MYCAA form will be sent to your email address. Please forward this to

Contact Joni Gilbert about your Tuition Assistance paperwork, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at or by calling 316.323.6201.