Short Term Classes

12, 8 & 5-Week Classes

Not every class has to be 16-weeks. Save time and money as a fast learner, a parent, or someone who works full time. Butler offers classes that start later and can be completed in shorter amounts of time. We call these "short term" or "late start" classes. There are physical face-to-face classes as well as online.

Start the Process

Find class(es) you want that start later by filtering the interactive schedule "class length" to one of the 12, 8, or 5-week options. Our 5-week options are math modules based on our math restructure for student success. Learn more about our math modules.

Course Schedule

Once you have one or a few classes chosen, if you have not yet, visit our enrollment checklist to apply, take placement testing (if necessary), visit with an advisor, and enroll in your class.