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Technical Writing Certification

Technical writing certification at BETA

Are you interested in enrolling in technical writing classes to start or further your professional career? Here is what you need to know about Techwriter Certification Technical Writing Courses.

Professional Technical Writing Certifications

Technical Writer Certification

The role of the Technical Writer has changed. And as a result the "umbrella profession" integrates within multiple disciplines in which technical communicators engage in their craft.      

In making a decision when it comes to enrolling in a Technical Writing class consider the following:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that Employment of Technical Communicators is projected to grow 10 percent faster than the average for all occupations over the course of the next several years.
  • Technical Communicators and their new roles integrate with all aspects of digital media, business communication, content development (websites, marketing, public relations, knowledge and project management).  
  • As a "Demand Occupation" this means more training opportunities are needed to meet business and industry customer requirements.
  • As it relates to the field of Technical Communication Training, the Top 10% annual income for this occupation is $105,760. Mean annual income: $70,290 (source: Forbes).
  • Typical student populations include corporate employees (tuition reimbursement), freelancers, consultants, and those seeking new career opportunities including military and government agencies.

Technical Writing Certificate Series By Title

  • Advanced Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical Documentation
  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Career Advancement Certificate: Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Certificate Course in Technical Business Writing for Engineers
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication - Portfolio
  • Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers
  • Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Workplace Experience Certificate in Technical Writing.

Mozilla Open Badges

At the time of successful course completion, Technical Writing Certificate Badges are generated for student use. They recognize and verify that specialized learning has taken place in the subject area enrolled in. Our Official Digital Badges can be used to display a skill set and achievements on social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, etc. as well as on various job sites and much more.


What are the benefits of enrolling in technical writing courses and classes from Techwriter-Certification?

  • Techwriter Certification Technical Writing classes prepare you for careers in the technical writing field or help you sharpen and advance your present workplace skills.
  • Our Technical writing courses are taught by technical writing faculty with industry experience.
  • We prepare you for full or part time contract work.
  • Perfect for those in industry or interested in starting a new consulting and technical writing business.
  • Anytime-Anywhere Learning Model. You do not have to meet at a specific time, but will still have contact with your technical writing instructor.
  • Classes and certificates that are recognized by industry for meeting job required training.
  • Earn a paper based Certificate from a prestigious, accredited university with your name, and title of the technical writing class you have successfully completed (processing fees apply).