The Library Award

The Library Award

Formerly known as The DEWEY Award

2021 Annual Butler Libraries & Archives
Libraries + Faculty = Your Success 

This is your chance to recognize an instructor for:   

  • Making innovative and effective use of the library for classes         
  • Encouraging students to research using library resources
  • Helping librarians select books and databases for student success
  • Teaching you awareness of information literacy and ‘fake news’

Points awarded on the four items above.

The 2021 Winner:

2021 Winner
Mindy Trenary 2021 Library Award Winner Mindy Trenary




Our past winners:


2020 Winner
No winner was selected due to the pandemic.

2019 Winner
Michael Cissell 2019 Dewey Winner Michael Cissell


2018 Winner
Robert "Mac" Thompson 2018 Winner Robert Mac Thompson


2017 Winners
Kathy McCoskey & Jenny Kidd2017 Winners Kathy McCoskey & Jenny Kidd

2016 Winner
Katherine Barrier2016 Dewey Winner Katherine Barrier

2015 Winner
Freda BriggsDewey Awards - Freeda, Pioneer Girl

2014 Winner
Janece English2014 Dewey winner - Janece English

2013 Winner
Jeff Tymony 2013 Dewey winner - Jeff Tymony

2012 Winner
Michelle McClendon2012 Dewey winner - Michelle McClendon

2011 Winner
Gina Austin-Fresh2011 Dewey winner Gina Austen-Fresh

2010 Winner
Jane Watkins2010 Dewey winner - Jane Watkins