The Library Award

The Library Award

Formerly known as The DEWEY Award

2021 Annual Butler Libraries & Archives
Libraries + Faculty = Your Success 

This is your chance to recognize an instructor for:   

  • Making innovative and effective use of the library for classes         
  • Encouraging students to research using library resources
  • Helping librarians select books and databases for student success
  • Teaching you awareness of information literacy and ‘fake news’

Points awarded on the four items above.

No winner in 2020




Our past winners:

The 2019 Winner:

2019 Winner
Michael Cissell 2019 Dewey Winner Michael Cissell


2018 Winner
Robert "Mac" Thompson 2018 Winner Robert Mac Thompson


2017 Winners
Kathy McCoskey & Jenny Kidd2017 Winners Kathy McCoskey & Jenny Kidd

2016 Winner
Katherine Barrier2016 Dewey Winner Katherine Barrier

2015 Winner
Freda BriggsDewey Awards - Freeda, Pioneer Girl

2014 Winner
Janece English2014 Dewey winner - Janece English

2013 Winner
Jeff Tymony 2013 Dewey winner - Jeff Tymony

2012 Winner
Michelle McClendon2012 Dewey winner - Michelle McClendon

2011 Winner
Gina Austin-Fresh2011 Dewey winner Gina Austen-Fresh

2010 Winner
Jane Watkins2010 Dewey winner - Jane Watkins