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Inclusion and Diversity

Council membership

Membership Selection Process:

Council members are selected by their institutional or functional roles and commitment to inclusion.


  • Elena Allen - Assistant Professor, Reading, Humanities & Social Science
  • Susan Bradley, Dean, Humanities & Social Science
  • Amy Chastain, Associate Professor, English, Humanities & Social Science
  • Sherri Conard, Director of First Year Experience, Student Services Division
  • Jonathan Craig, Associate Dean, Humanities & Social Science
  • Xavia Dryden, Assistant Professor, English, Humanities & Social Science
  • Teressa Eastman, Director, Disability Services
  • Andrea Eidman, Coordinator, Student Involvement, Student Services Division
  • Donnie Featherston, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Humanities & Social Science
  • Kamielle Freeman, Associate Professor, Math, STEM
  • Andy Jones, Associate Professor, English, Humanities & Social Science
  • Monica Lorg, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science, Humanities & Social Science
  • Andrea McCaffree-Wallace, Associate Professor, English, Humanities & Social Science
  • Jessica Ohman, Associate VP Student Services, Enrollment Management
  • Theresa Pacitti, Executive Assistant, Academic Support & Effectiveness
  • Tiffany Rhodes, Asst. Director of Human Resources, Human Resources & Payroll
  • Heather Rinkenbaugh, Dean of Online, High School & Community Learning
  • Deann Shimp, Director, Academic Advising, Academic Advising
  • Briony Smith, Research Specialist, Research
  • Phil Speary, Dean, Academic Support & Effectiveness
  • Cory Teubner, Associate Professor, English, Humanities & Social Science
  • Robert (Mac) Thompson, Associate Professor, English, Humanities & Social Science
  • Trisha Walls, Program Coordinator 1, Advancement
  • Robert Zavala, Assistant Professor, Math, STEM


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