Advanced Technologies

With the right technical skills, you can build a promising future with your own two hands.

Once upon a time, engineers drew up blueprints, mechanics worked on carburetors and an airplane was only made from metal. Technology has dramatically transformed the manufactured world in recent years, so much so that many employers find themselves in dire need of people with the next-generation skills we teach.

Some of our students are here to certify in technical skills like auto body repair or welding. Others are getting started on a four-year degree with a firm foundation in engineering technologies. All are wanting to learn with their hands from experienced professionals, and they get plenty of opportunities in our Career & Technical Education division (CTE) where the labs are equipped with state-of-the science equipment and technology.

Get the training you need to take your place in a workforce that needs technical skills more than ever. Come and join us in the Advanced Technology programs at Butler Community College.

For information on our Advanced Technology programs and the Degrees & Certificates offered, visit the individual homepage of the departments below.