Fine Arts & Media

Explore and expand your talents and vision.

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” probably because our ability to imagine expands the borders of what we know. The vision it takes for artistic expression is one way we push those borders. The intuitive insight a reporter uses to get a story is another. We may use a diverse range of media, from a canvas to a stage to video. But we are still on a mission of discovery, and it starts with the exploration of our own gifts.

At Butler, you’ll find a real enthusiasm for the inspired talents of artists and communicators. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you build on your strengths to develop your individual voice and vision.

We have many scholarships available for qualified students. Fine arts scholarships are awarded on the basis of auditions held twice each spring for the academic year that begins the following fall. For more information, please contact the Fine Arts division.

For information on our Fine Arts & Media programs and the Degrees & Certificates offered, visit the individual homepage of the departments below.