Health, Education & Public Safety

Learn to serve in a college community that teaches by example.

Teachers, nurses, firefighters and law enforcement officers all have one thing in common: the desire to help others. The contributions they make restore and protect lives and make a higher quality of life possible. The professionals who dedicate their time to these careers are naturally drawn to care about others and are crucial to our communities.

The community of committed faculty and staff at Butler understand the spirit in which students seek careers in these helping professions. The highly supportive attention we give to each of our students is a daily lesson in how to serve others with a whole-hearted focus on each person’s success and well-being. At Butler, we don’t just teach you how to teach, heal or protect. We teach you how to serve.

For information on our individual Health, Education, and Public Safety programs and the Degrees & Certificates offered, visit the individual homepage of the departments below.