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About Fire Science

For firefighters, our faculty make great scientists.

When you train to be a firefighter at Butler, you learn a wide range of skills, from fire suppression to emergency rescue. You’ll operate hoses, acquire basic EMT skills, learn to handle hazardous materials and study the chemistry involved in the way a fire develops. In a few semesters’ of work, you become that special breed of scientist who knows how to run into a burning building.

New technologies, chemicals and industrial processes are increasing the potential for fires. By learning the latest in firefighting skills, you become privy to the newest techniques employed to control and extinguish fires. When you become a firefighter, you exhibit personal courage and commitment and become an irreplaceable asset to your community.

Fire Science PartnershipButler and Cowley partnership

Cowley College students who recently obtained a Fire Science Certificate can transfer directly into Butler’s Associate of Applied Science degree program in Fire Science.