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What's On the Menu

The smell of spices. The sound of a bustling kitchen. The sight of a perfectly-plated food masterpiece. The delicious taste of success. At the Redler Institute of Culinary Arts, you'll get a sense of it all.

Back of House, Front of the Line

The Redler Institute is the premier culinary arts program in the region, where the next great chefs learn everything from global cuisines and the latest professional cooking techniques to how ingredients interact and the correct way to setup your cooking station. In short, everything you need to know when it's time to prep for the 12 top arriving at 6:30.

Get Into the Business

It's important to know the business side of the culinary world, too, which is why our faculty teach the importance of purchasing, menu planning, how to understand profit margins, and where to trim the fat in your finances.

Succeeding in the culinary arts is tough. But is it satisfying?

Yes, chef.

Master the art and science of fine cuisine.




Let us answer any questions you have about our Culinary Arts program and guide you through the application process.

Ready to start cooking?

Our Focus


Elevate your next dish's flavor and nutritional value by analyzing ingredients and applying the latest professional techniques through our detailed and carefully assembled culinary program. During your time here, you will learn the science of cooking, heat transfer methods, knife skills, kitchen equipment identification and operation, along with a host of classical and modern cooking techniques. You will be equipped to step into any kitchen in the world with the confidence of possessing the proper fundamentals and techniques to succeed.


Learn the intricacies of each ingredient and experience the process of turning a humble crop into a sophisticated dish at the Redler Institute of Culinary Arts. We support local, natural sources of food because we believe in the nutritional integrity of using fresh ingredients. You become the artist as you use your hands to form the dough and understand the value of presentation and taste. Wheat to bread, cow to steak, corn to soup. Become familiar with the ins and outs of every ingredient you use.




Professional culinary skills

Your Ingredients, Your Future

Want to pack up your knife kit and cook somewhere far across the globe? No problem. Want to go into catering, sell your own tasty baked goods, or work in a fancy hotel? Go for it.

No matter what your culinary goals may be, we give you the skills to go anywhere and do anything in the industry. The cherry on top is once you graduate from Butler, there are no extra steps to take. You’re ready to start cooking.

Enrollment Coach

Jacqueline Strunk

Phone: 316-323-6296

Administrative Assistant

Stacy Baxter

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