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Required Documentation

In order to fully evaluate requests for accommodations and services, the Office of Disability Services may request documentation of the disability that consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that describes the history or current impact of the disability as it relates to the accommodations requested.

A brief statement written on a prescription pad from your treating professional is not sufficient documentation. A Documentation Form is available for download here.

All contact information received is kept in a separate confidential file within the office of the Director of Disability Services. No information concerning inquiries about documentation will be released without written consent.

The Director of Disability Services reserves the right to determine the adequacy of submitted documentation.

Visual Disability
A letter describing the most recent eye examination which should include diagnosis and visual acuity

Physical Impairment
A diagnosis of the physical impairment and descriptions of limitations related to the impairment.

Hearing Disability
A copy of the most recent examination which should include a diagnosis with cause, degree, type and configuration of loss (Student’s requiring interpreters should provide documentation of the language used.)

Psychological Disability
A letter from a licensed mental health professional stating the diagnosis and characteristics of the disability

Learning Disability
A copy of the results of the most recent Psychological Evaluation listing scores that provides a diagnosis of the level of disability. An IEP or 504 Plan by itself may not constitute proper documentation.

Chronic Illness
A letter from a primary care provider that provides a diagnosis and its impact of the disability in an academic setting, including limitations.

Attention Deficit Disorder
A copy of the most recent documentation of diagnosis of ADD or ADHD which includes the DSM diagnosis and symptoms.

Students with other types of disabilities that impact their performance in an educational setting should consult the Director of Disability Services to determine the type of documentation needed. Students who require services due to a temporary disability must also contact the Director of Disability Services and provide documentation as to the diagnosis and prognosis of the disability. Documentation must be received in our office prior to accommodations being provided. Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis.