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Advance Kansas Community Projects

Strengthening tomorrow.

Community action projects are an integral part of Advance Kansas. These experiential service projects strengthen our community by examining the issues in our community and then working together toward solutions to these issues. Pictured below are just a few of the wonderful projects spearheaded by Advance Kansas.

Bullying Project

Bully Busters is the Anti-bullying Network Team (A.N.T.) program for recognition, education and intervention to help stop bullying among youth. A.N.T. selected the Greater Wichita YMCA summer camp programs as its group focus because of the diversity of campers they host each summer at their camps. Through pre-service training for staff, a kit of tools – including anti-bullying tip cards for discussion, educational materials for parents, a pledge card, hands-on activities, and an A.N.T. Bully Buster wristband - campers learned about how to deal with and prevent bullying.

Growing a Garden Project

Growing Oz planned and created a sustainable garden for the Opportunity Zone, a Wichita Children’s Home project. Research shows that transient children benefit from planting a garden and watching it grow. The youth provided input on what they wanted to grow, a raised bed was created and the garden planted. The neighborhood got involved by assisting financially and with manual labor.