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Butler of El Dorado - 1600 Building

Susan Duncan
Program Director

Sue Sommers Barrientos
Program Administrator

Teresa Thompson
Early Childhood Instructor

The telephone number at the center is 316-323-6845 or 218-6845 from the Wichita/metro area.  Unless there is an illness, the office is covered from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. The telephones are answered from 6:00am to 6:00pm. Please notify the office by 9:00am if your child is unable to attend.  This helps the cook in planning meals and enables teachers to go on walks or trips as planned without feeling  “We should wait another ten minutes for …”.  If your child is sick, please describe the illness; this helps to keep us aware of current health problems.

At least one of the program administrators is normally scheduled to be in the building at all times. The administrators’ offices are located just inside the main entry to the building.  The Administrator, Program Director, and Assistant Director are available for questions about the center.

  1. Questions pertaining to scholarships should be directed to the Administrator, Sue Barrientos.
  2. Questions pertaining to DCF funding should be directed to the Program Director, Susan Duncan. 
  3. Questions pertaining to billing and statements should be directed to Susan Duncan.

Communication in a Native Language

At least one member of the staff shall be able to communicate in the native language of the parents and children, or the center shall work with parents to arrange for a translator to communicate with parents and children.

Family Communication

The Center adheres to the National Association for the education of young children’s Code of Ethical Conduct states:

We shall not engage in or support exploitation of families. We shall not use our relationship with a family for private advantage for personal gain, or enter into relationships with family members that might impair our effectiveness in work with children.

The staff will communicate with parents in a positive and supportive manner that encourages the parent-teacher relationship. In the event of a divorce, separation, or joint custody ruling, every effort will be made to treat both parents equally. Without legal documentation, the staff cannot act as though one parent is more fit than another each having legal rights to their child.

Every effort is made to communicate with parents in a meaningful, convenient way.

Please let your child’s teacher know if e-mail, notes, or phone calls would work bests for you.

Communicating with Two Households

When parents are living separately, we will make every effort to provide newsletters and all-school correspondence to both parents. Upon request, we will mail newsletters and other correspondences to parents who do not bring or pick up the child at the center. We consider both parents important to the child’s school experiences and avoid expressing any alliance with either parent over the other. It is necessary for us to refuse to become involved in disagreements the parents may have. Parents should come to terms of agreement for purposes of instructing the center as to their wishes regarding their child. When there is a parental dispute between divorced parents/guardians about issues involving the child in relationship to the center, this issue should be brought to the attention of the Director.  The Director will make every attempt to work with the parents/guardian so the transition between home and school can be a smooth one.  If the situation becomes disruptive to the center, the center has the authority to ask that the child be withdrawn.