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EduCare Enrollment Info

Admissions Policy

The EduCare Center admits children from 2 weeks of age to 12 years of age without regard to race, age, culture, sex, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, or disability. When the parent or legal guardian of a child identifies that a child has special needs, the administration, teachers, and the parent or legal guardian will meet to review the child’s requirements. EduCare does not discriminate on the basis of special needs. The program accepts children with special needs as long as a safe, supportive environment can be provided for the child.

To help the program staff better understand the child’s needs, the staff will ask the parent or legal guardian of a child with special needs to complete a “special care plan” in conjunction with the child’s health care provider(s). The program will attempt to accommodate children with special needs consistent with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the program is unable to accommodate the child’s needs as defined by the child’s health provider(s) or the Individual Family Service Plan/ Individual Education Plan without posing an undue burden as defined by federal law.  The Director will provide the parent or legal guardian with a list of other services that may accommodate their need(s).


Children are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis with full-day, full-time slots receiving priority.  Currently enrolled children have priority over those newly enrolled.  If a space is not available, a child may be placed on a waiting list at no charge. The registration fee is due upon actual enrollment.

All required forms must be on file at the Center before the first day of attendance as required by the State of Kansas.

Enrollment Fee

An enrollment fee of $50.00 per family is required at the time of enrollment. The enrollment fee is non-refundable and will reserve a place in the class for your child. It will be necessary to designate the date of the first day of attendance. The enrollment fee will only reserve a place in the class until the designated date. Enrollment fees and the first two weeks tuition are due before the child attends. A new enrollment fee is required if the child has not attended for three months.

Prior to the child’s attendance, a conference with the parent or legal guardian and the child is required to acquaint each new family with the environment, staff, and schedule for child care. During this visit, the parent or legal guardian will have a personal interview with one of our Directors and an opportunity to review the “Parent Handbook” and other written materials maintained at the facility.

Diversity in Enrollment and Curriculum

EduCare will work to increase understanding of cultural, ethnic, and other differences by enrolling children who reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community and by providing cultural curricula that engages children and teachers multicultural learning activities.

Enrollment Forms

The following forms will be completed and submitted to our office prior to the child’s first day of attendance as required by the State of Kansas. The information in these forms will remain confidential and will be shared with other caregivers only as required to meet the needs of the child:

1. Child Health Assessment. Your child must have a current health form on file signed by a licensed physician or a nurse approved to perform health assessments and must be on a KDHE form. Upon enrollment this form must be completed.

2. Emergency Medical Care.  Due to State licensing requirements, you will need to give consent for any and all emergency medical care for your child and current information about any health insurance coverage required for treatment in an emergency.

3. Immunization Record. Due to State licensing requirements, your child’s shot record must be current and signed by a physician. The office must secure documentation of any new immunizations.  In Accordance with State regulations 28-4-430, exceptions to health assessments and immunizations shall be permitted if one of the following is obtained:

  1. Certification from a licensed physician stating that the physical condition of the child is such that immunization would endanger the child’s health or life, or
  1. A written statement signed by a parent or guardian that the parent or guardian is an adherent of a religious domination whose teachings are opposed to health assessments or immunizations.

4. Child Food Program. This information is required for each child to enable us to qualify for the government food program.

5. General Information Page. It is important that we have your current address, home telephone number, and work telephone number. The director should be notified of any change in your name, address, or telephone numbers. Current emergency contact information needs to be updated as needed and during parent/teacher conference times.

6. Withdrawal Form. If your child is being withdrawn from this program for any reason, two weeks written notice MUST be given, except in cases of serious illness or accident. This helps us meet our enrollment and allows us to enroll new students.

7. GrizzlySAFE Form. Butler's Emergency Alert Reporting System & official safety app (Form attached).

Immunizations will be required according to the current schedule recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics (see

Every January the directors will check with the public health department or the American Academy of Pediatrics for updates of the recommended immunization schedule.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment regulations regarding attendance of children who are not immunized due to religious or medical reasons will be followed. Unimmunized children will be excluded during outbreaks of vaccine preventable illness or until age appropriate immunizations have been completed.

Routine preventive health services will be required according to the current recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (see Documentation of an age appropriate health assessment should be obtained before the child starts receiving care. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for assuring that their children are kept-up-to-date and that a copy of the results of the child’s health assessment is given to the program.

A visit to the doctor for a special health assessment or new documentation is not required if documentation of an age-appropriate health assessment is provided within the last six months from previous care. Questions raised about the child’s health will be directed to the family or (with permission of the parent or legal guardian) to the child’s health care provider for explanation and implications for child care. Directors will check annually with the public health department or the American Academy of Pediatrics for updates of the schedule for routine preventive health services.

Children will not be excluded for failure to be immunized if they have an appointment for immunizations and have their immunizations initiated within one month. A child whose immunizations are not kept-up-to-date will be dismissed after three written reminders to the parent or legal guardian over a three month period.

Directors will check the facility’s records quarterly to be sure each child’s immunization and other routine preventive health services are current. Directors will remind parents and legal guardians to provide current documentation of health assessments quarterly. 


Fees are set by the Board of Trustees and are based on the classroom, the number of days per week, and full or part time enrollment.

Your child care tuition is determined according to the contract option that you select. A completed and signed contract is due no later than the first day of enrollment.

Enrollment and application fees are due at the time of enrollment. Tuition is billed at the end of every month for the following month. Payment in full is due by the 15th of every month. Late fees will be assessed on the 16th of every month. If payments are past due, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed weekly. If you receive four late fees in a program year, your child will be subject to dismissal. It is your responsibility to keep your account at a zero balance. If payment is not received by the first day of the month after the billing month, the child(ren) will not be allowed to attend until payment has been made. If this occurs three months in a row, child(ren) is/are subject to removal from EduCare.

Statements are emailed by the 5th of each month to the email you have provided. Tuition payments should be made at the office. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PAYMENTS WTH YOUR CHILD OR YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER. We want them to focus on providing your child with a loving, educational environment rather than collecting fees from parents.

A payment box is provided for your convenience in the office. If you pay with cash, please remember to ask for a receipt.

Payment is required regardless of attendance or absence of a child. Tuition pays for the child’s budgeted space. Our cost remains the same regardless of attendance.

Appeals may be submitted for serious illness or accidents by providing documentation to the EduCare Appeal Board.

Families with two or more children will receive a 5% per child reduction in tuition for the older child or children.

If your school-age child does not attend elementary school because of a holiday, snow day, or any other reason, an additional fee will be charged for staying an entire day.

Late Pick-Up Fee

We understand traffic and unexpected meetings can happen however, please try to be on time each day.  When a parent is late picking up his/her child, we must find and compensate staff, sometimes at overtime rates.  In addition, licensing only allows us to operate within certain hours.  Finally our teachers work very hard each day caring for your child; therefore it is important for them to have time for their own lives and families.  For these reasons promptness is very important.  Parents who pick up their children after closing time will be charged a late fee of $15 for the first ten minutes and $1 for each minute thereafter. Example charges 6:02 =$15.00; 6:15=$20.00

Returned Checks

There will be a $30.00 charge for all returned checks. Cash or a cashier’s check will be required as payment for the returned check. After repetitive incidences of returned checks, you may be asked to pay on a cash only basis.

Supply/Activity Fee

There is a $15.00 supply fee charge per semester during the fall and spring semesters and an activity fee charge per month during the summer program for field trips.

Tax Information

Child care payments are deductible on your federal income tax return. When you make a payment for child care services, you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

The EduCare Center’s federal identification number (FEIN) is 48 - 069038 - 3 

Changes in Enrollment/Schedules

Schedule changes must be submitted in writing to the Director or Assistant Director at least 14 days prior to the date of change. Approved schedule changes made after the start of the billing cycle will take effect on your next regular scheduled billing cycle.

Parents are allowed one schedule change per semester. After that, you will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.

“Change in schedule” forms are available in the office.

Families Eligible for DCF Funding

Families may be eligible for full or partial funding from the State of Kansas department for Children and Families (DCF). A child care plan must be received from DCF prior to the child’s first day of enrollment. Otherwise, the family must complete and return a signed contract and pay fees according to the agreement until the DCF plan is received.

Upon receipt of the DCF notification of funding, a revised DCF contract will be prepared and fees due will be retroactive to the date DCF commences funding.

EduCare will adjust the fees previously paid that will be covered by DCF either by a credit to the following month or a refund.

Families whose child care is partially or fully funded by DCF, who pay a monthly family fee amount to EduCare, must pay the full family share on or before the 5th day of the month.

Families paying on line with a vision card go online to ebtedge

Then click on ebt card holder login, then type in EBT card# and login.

Enter your pin number and then click on child care payment transfer

Our Provider ID# B796479

Then Transfer Payment

Delinquent Accounts

Butler student parents with a delinquent account will have an administrative hold placed on their records until the account is paid in full.

Community parents with a delinquent account will be subject to having the information turned over to a collection agency for handling and collections pursuant to regular college procedures.

DCF parents are responsible for paying the amount of enrollment, deposit, and monthly fees.

Guidelines for Referrals and Termination

Occasionally a situation may occur where an alternative form of care may be in the best interest of your child. In such circumstances the director, assistant director, and teacher(s) will confer with you to determine what will be the best course of action for everyone involved.

If serious adjustment or behavioral problems occur after a child is enrolled, a conference will be scheduled so that the teacher and the director can talk with the child’s parent(s) about the situation. A written plan of action will be developed to outline steps to be taken to solve the problem. The director may set a 30 day trial period.

Program referral – EduCare may recommend supplemental service for a child with developmental, psychological, behavioral, or medical problems.

Bright Beginnings will provide a complete developmental screening free of charge for children 0-3 years of age who are referred to them by parents or teachers with parental consent.

Count Your Kid In will do free screenings for children 3-5 years of age. Areas tested include hearing, vision, and speech/language, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive (thinking and reasoning skills) and social development.

If special services are needed, the child will be referred to other agencies or programs. If a parent or parent(s) refuse the recommendation, or if these services are provided and the child’s condition does not improve satisfactorily, or if continued enrollment of the child does not represent the best interest of the child, the Center, staff, or the other children, EduCare administration reserves the right to issue to the parent or parents a notice indicating termination of all child care services at the end of 10 days. If the child’s behavior is physically or emotionally dangerous to the other children or staff, immediate termination may be necessary. Child care services may also be terminated immediately if the behavior of a parent or other primary caregiver is verbally or physically abusive to a staff person or other children or parents in the program.

  • CCAMPIS Grant Information
    • Children of Pell Grant eligible parents who qualify through special reduced rates through the Child Care Access Means Parents in School program (CCAMPIS).

Educare Rate Chart for 2019



The Center reserves the right to terminate an enrollment for reasons of

  1. Non-cooperation,
  2. Delinquency in payment of fees, or
  3. Inability of a child or a parent to adjust to the school program and its philosophies.

A parent shall be allowed to withdraw prior to the end of the semester/contract agreement for the following reasons:

  1. Serious illness of a child or a parent
  2. Permanent move from the area
  3. Official withdrawal of a parent from college
  4. Termination of enrollment by the EduCare Center decision that attendance is not in the best interest of the child and/or the Center
  5. Delinquency in payment of fees

In case of withdrawal of a child from the EduCare Center, two weeks written notice shall be required, except in the case of serious illness or accident.  Payment is due for the two weeks following the written notification.