Challenge Course Elements

Grizzly Adventures provides two challenege courses, low and high.

Whether it is ground based or in the air, there is always teamwork involved. Each exercise is designed to warm the body up, energize your team and focus on the task at hand.

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NEW to Grizzly Adventures:

Amazing Race

Put your teamwork to the test with our newest addition (also available as a standalone competition). This grizzly style is a race customized to your specific team. Using clues, your team will decipher where the low elements are located, take the challenge and move to the next clue. The fastest team wins. This program can be provided off-site or inside a facility of your choice. 

Our Elements:

Low Elements

Butler uses low elements to work with your team on decision making, leadership, communication, trust and reflection discussions as we prepare participants for the physical aspects of the course. The learning-by-doing process is one of the best parts of Grizzly Adventures.

  • Participants will use activities and decision making tools to gather and process information for real world simulation.
  • Facilitators set scenarios for participants to make decisions and discover the outcomes based on those decisions.
  • At the end of each low element activity each group will give feedback on their performance.
  • Low course activities offer a fun way to get the group to become interactive through games.

Team building on Indoor elementsLow Element at Grizzly Adventures

High ElementsHigh Elements at Grizzly Adventures

Our high elements raise the bar. This is where memories are made! You can choose 8 different ways to get to the top of our 30-foot tower. Once there, you can either zipline or rappel back to earth. This process drives home the realization that risk-taking is most often what stands between you and your goals. The high elements challenge participants to work as a team while testing personal skills and motivations.

Want a big Finale?

The Giant Swing (extra charges apply): The participant is attached to a cable that is pulled up by their team to the height of their choice (up to 50 ft). When ready, a release cord is pulled and the participant swings through the skies of Kansas. This element is enjoyable for a team and gets a large group of people involved in the experience.

The Power Pole: Climb this 30-foot pole with your partner to a platform only a 1' 1/2" wide. You’ll make the 5-foot jump to the trapeze while tied into a harness and a belay system of facilitators. The Power Pole is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will conquer at Grizzly Adventures.

Giant swing grande finale