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Cooperative Education FAQ's

I can get college credit for working?
You get college credit for learning while working on your job. You, your employer and the Cooperative Education Instructor negotiate a plan for additional learning beyond your regular duties. Most of your time will be spent learning new tasks related to your major. You will also be required to do academic work.

Why is Cooperative Education something I should do?
The most important aspect of Cooperative Education is gaining experience and knowledge in the working world. Through Cooperative Education you‘ll gain an edge over your peers having both a quality education and valuable work experience. As a result, your resume' and job interviews should stand a notch above the rest.

If enrolled, does that mean you‘ll get me a job?
We regularly post job listings for you to review and will work with you to develop a resume and improve your interview skills. Becoming a reliable, valued employee is up to you. Obtaining a job in your field may happen quickly or it may take some time. Either way, we will help you be prepared, but it is your responsibility to have a job before you enroll.

Will the college credit count toward my degree?
Your work experience may count as elective college credit for those programs which allow for elective hours. If you are planning to transfer to a four–year institution, contact the institution(s) you are interested in to determine if your Cooperative Education credits will be accepted. Although, the college credit offers a potential employer proof of your willingness to learn and of your employability, it is important to remember, the biggest benefit of Cooperative Education is the on–the–job knowledge you gain.

Will my employer be involved in the process?
Yes. Even though it will take some time, many employers are willing to do the small amount of necessary paperwork to help a good employee in their educational process. Cooperative Education allows employers to support the development of future employees in the field.

This sounds good. Where do I sign up?
You may enroll at any Advising Centers or visit the Cooperative Education office in room 6419, Butler of Andover.

Who should I talk to for more information?
For more information concerning the Cooperative Education program, contact Tiffani Price at 316.218.6236 or We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.