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Fine Arts & Communication Degrees & Certificates

The Division of Fine Arts and Communication

Your Butler experience will provide you with the basic general education requirements and background work necessary to pursue your chosen career. Many of our programs grant necessary certifications as well as Associate's degrees.  Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should work with an advisor to make sure their Butler courses will meet the requirements of their transfer institution.

More information concerning enrollment in courses and their transfer to specific colleges is available at the college Advising Centers.

To view more information about these degrees or certificates (including credit requirements and recommended course sequence), click on a title below to view the relevant section of our course catalog.

Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Mass Communications (Radio, Television, Film and Print Journalism)
Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Music (Instrumental and Vocal)
Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Speech Communication
Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Theatre (Technical and Performance)
Associate in Arts (A.A.)


Butler Community College offers students a choice of four degrees and multiple certificates, each with a special emphasis to meet individual needs. The requirements for the certificates, degrees, and additional graduation requirements are listed on the Degree and Graduation Requirements (PDF) pages in the catalog.

Visit the Online Course Catalog if you would like information on degrees and certificates from our other Areas of Excellence or to view the entire catalog and catalogs from previous years.