About Cyber Security

The password to a more affordable cyber security education is Butler.

It’s hard to imagine a career field where the opportunities are coming faster and more furious than Cyber Security. As information technology has weaved its way through every private industry and public institution, data about our private lives and the conduct of business and government affairs has been subjected to a constant barrage of security breaches. The demand for talented technologists who can keep their employers and clients more than a step ahead of the latest hacking techniques is on a stellar trajectory.

Butler offers an associate degree in Cyber Security as well as a one-year certificate. Our curriculum has been developed to standards established by the federal government, and our school is a member of the Cyber Security Education Consortium. Working with the latest in data protection technology, you’ll learn to assess threats and design secure architectures for wireless network environments and e-commerce applications. You’ll also study the science of digital forensics which will equip you to assist in criminal investigations.

You’ll appreciate the small class size at Butler and the personal attention and support you get from our industry-experienced faculty. When you graduate and continue your education, you’ll not only have reduced the total cost of your undergraduate degree, but you will have a solid, confident command of the fundamentals of a complex field of study.