About Database Administration

Create and manage the technology that makes the digital world go ‘round.

In the digital age, data is considered a precious commodity. It is the raw material upon which every business, organization or agency builds its ability to provide service or produce products. Managing all that data in such a way as to make it organized and accessible to network users – and inaccessible to others – is the job of the Database Administrator.

When you enroll in Database Administration, our industry-experienced faculty will teach you how to design and implement state-of-the-science systems. You’ll develop a working familiarity with configuring a Windows client operating system and troubleshooting problems in that environment. We’ll also teach you how to administer Windows Server systems and introduce you to SQL and Java programming languages. You’ll also learn how to build network security features into the databases you create.

Butler provides the perfect, student-friendly, small classroom environment to take on the complexities of database administration and develop a high level of confidence to go with your high level of competence. If you have an eye for detail and enjoy working with technology to find solutions to problems, Database Administration could be the career for you.