About Windows Administration

The world’s largest interface needs the world’s largest army of techs.

In November 1985, Microsoft released the first version of the graphic interface that would make its MS-DOS operating system the digital oxygen of the computing world. Today, Windows is installed on more than a billion computers, and the applications written for it are integrated into every corner of business and organizational life.

As user-friendly as Windows is designed to be, administering a client network built on the platform requires the specialized training that Butler offers in our Windows Administration associate degree program. Our Windows-certified and industry-experienced faculty will equip you to set up an entire network from servers to user accounts. You’ll also learn how to do troubleshooting, restoring, backups, and system upgrades.

Having a computer network that doesn’t miss a beat and is always updated and current, is a critical need for any business or organization. Having the know-how to manage that system along with the technological advances that happen regularly, is a critical function in the IT industry. At Butler, you can get the foundation you need to build a career in a field that will be in demand for many years to come.