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Health Care Reform Policy

Butler Community College
Health Care Reform Policy/Definition of Full-time/Part-time Employees

Full-time Employees: Employees working at least forty (40) hours per week for an indefinite period of time. Full-time employees are eligible to receive defined benefits. The Patient  Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) defines full-time as employees working at least thirty (30) hours per week. This definition only applies to employees as it relates to the eligibility of health insurance benefits.

As a result of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Butler Community College has made the decision to limit the hours for part-time and student employees and adjunct instructors. Part-time and student employees are limited to twenty-eight (28) hours per week. Adjunct instructors’ teaching loads cannot exceed the following:

  • For adjunct faculty teaching 3 credit hour courses: cannot exceed 9 credit hours during 
  • the fall and spring and may teach a maximum of 6 credit hours in the summer
  • For adjunct faculty teaching 5 credit hour courses: cannot exceed 10 hours during the 
  • fall and spring semester and may teach a maximum of 6 credit hours in the summer
  • For adjunct faculty teaching 4 credit hour courses: cannot exceed 8 credit hours in any 
  • one semester and may teach a maximum of 6 credit hours in the summer

Part time hourly employees who enter their time via Web Time Entry are required to enter their time worked on a daily basis. Human Resources will be monitoring the hours worked by all part-time employees, student workers and adjunct faculty. Employees and supervisors are required to comply with this policy. If noncompliance occurs Butler’s progressive discipline policy will be initiated.

Due to staffing and/or seasonal needs of departments, supervisors may request an exception to the 28 hour weekly limit for part-time and student employees. To request an exception, supervisors must submit a Request for Exception to Increase Hours form which can be obtained by the requesting supervisor and must state which employees need the exception, the length of time of the exception and the reasoning for the exception. It must be signed by the supervisor requesting the increase of hours along with the Director and the Vice President of the department/division with any additional comments. Then it must be submitted to Human Resources where the Director and Assistant Director of Human Resources will either approve or deny the request. (Rev. 3/14)

You can learn more about the Health Care Reform by reading the HCR Marketplace Information document and/or this presentation about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act