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About Theatre

At Butler, the play is the thing.

Most people know acting from a balcony perspective. They see a finished product and, hopefully, are entertained by it. What they don’t know is the effort it takes to become someone else, to create a different world and engulf an audience in it. Most people don’t realize that actors don’t just act; they teach. Actors move our hearts and change our minds.

Theatre Scholarship Students are exposed to a wide variety of performance styles and technical concepts.  If you are interested in joining our Theatre program as a scholarship student, sign up for a Scholarship Audition and view our Audition Requirements.

When you study theatre at Butler, your perspective about acting will change. You won’t just learn to read a script; you’ll learn to read between and behind its lines.  You’ll discover how to be heard without speaking and how to hear what hasn’t been said.

Learning the Craft

The set is an actor, too, so technical theater instruction can round out your experience of the craft by making you a craftsman, working on set design and construction. You’ll acquire the skills of an artist, transforming a wall into a scene, and the vision of a lighting technician, endowing the set itself with expression and life. In addition to stagecraft, we’ll teach you the art of stage makeup, enriching your understanding of the role makeup can play in character development. Our goal is to give you exposure to all of the elements that are used to produce Theatre. 

Seizing the Opportunities

You’ll also have the opportunity to perform in Music Theatre productions. We offer an Associates degree in theatre with coursework available for those interested in musical theater that gives you instruction in voice as well as three dance styles, jazz, tap and ballet.

Each year, our students also present a play for children, an innovative restaging of a classical drama as well as the premier of an original script as available. The study you do to prepare for these productions gives you exposure to theatrical genres and abundant opportunities to expand your range.

When the curtain comes down on your time with us, you may choose to continue your study at a four-year college. If so, your credits, like your rich exposure to the crafts of acting and technical theatre, will go with you. No matter where your career takes you, you’ll remember your time at Butler as an experience that ignited your desire to create theatre.

Your degree in Theatre can lead to a career in:

  • Acting
  • Casting
  • Criticism
  • Directing
  • Drama Therapy
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Film
  • Lighting Design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Set Design
  • Theatre Management