Vocal Music Performing Ensembles

The Butler Vocal Music department offers you many opportunities to sing and dance.

Anyone enrolled at Butler has the opportunity to audition for our Concert Choir which meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Scholarship students who audition for our program fill the small ensembles, which offer more extensive performance opportunities. For information on how to audition for the Concert Choir, contact Matthew Udland at mudland@butlercc.edu. If you'd like to audition for a Vocal Music Scholarship, visit the Fine Arts Scholarship information page.  If you'd like to read about our the directors of the ensembles, visit our Vocal Music Faculty page.

Our large ensembles include


We also have two full-time men's and women's Barbershop Quartets (the Smorgaschords and Noteables).

As a public relations arm of the college, the Vocal Music department has hosted America Sings! Festivals in Washington, D.C., and Houston, Texas. Our choirs regularly travel to compete in show choir festivals and offer performances as well as host competitions such as the National Showstoppers Competition in Nashville, TN and in the National Branson Jubilee Showchoir Competition in Branson, MO and FAME competitions.

Come join us, we want to add your voice to our vibrant, growing department!


Butler A Cappella Choir

A Cappella

A Cappella (directed by Matthew Udland) is the newest ensemble, and consists of 13 singers who work together to arrange their own pop songs.



Chamber singers Choir

Chamber Singers



The Chamber Singers (directed by Henry Waters) consists of 24 members who perform many styles of traditional choral music. They perform at all home concerts as well as around the Wichita area at many private and public concerts.


Butler Concert Choir Ensemble Photo

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir (directed by Matthew Udland) is the largest auditioned group, and is required for all scholarship students. This is a 110 voice ensemble. The Concert Choir performs at all home concerts, and (every other year) also has the opportunity to perform with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra at Century II.



Butler Headliners Ensemble Photo


The Headliners show choir (directed by Valerie Lippoldt-Mack) is a mixed group with 32 singers and a five-piece combo. They perform throughout the year at community functions including local, state, and national conventions. The Headliners also host the annual Show Choir Festival each November, which is a workshop for more than 400 high school students.



Butler Ladies Choir

Butler Ladies

The Butler Ladies show choir is a 24 member women's show choir with a three-piece combo. These ladies perform a variety of music for home concerts from pop music to classic Broadway tunes.