Congratulations Spring 2016 Nursing Graduates

Nurses Pin
Published: Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Representing her fellow nursing graduates from Butler Community College, 2016 class president Amy Stuhlsatz of Derby delivered an eye-opening speech at the pinning ceremony.

Here are some of the things Stuhlsatz said she learned in nursing school. . .
•    When they say you should get a backpack with wheels, they aren’t joking. “We started off so fresh and lively, ready to take on anything they could throw at us - until we saw our books,” she said. “Thank you for not throwing those at us.”
•    You have to think critically.
•    You have to think broadly. “Never cease to find innovative ways to benefit those patients who rely on you and to provide top notch competent care,” she said.
•    Wear a calculator watch.
•    “When helping a mother in labor,” she said, “you learn very fast what to say and what not to say.”

The pinning was held May 12 in the Butler Community College gymnasium in El Dorado. After Stuhlsatz’s speech, class vice president Miesha Jackson led the International Council of Nurses Pledge.

Butler’s nursing program, which started in 1965, had 63 graduates this spring. According to Stuhlsatz, most of them arrived as “total strangers, being challenged on our knowledge of how to even wash our hands.

“But look how far we have come,” she told her classmates. “Never stop holding the hands of the families who need you, or of that co-worker who needs a few words of encouragement. Cry when you need to cry, and laugh when you need to laugh. And please don’t ever forget how this amazing journey has and will continue to change you. You have to be a special kind of person to go through nursing school and choose nursing as a career, but it is undoubtedly worth it.”

Besides receiving their graduate nursing pins, some graduates were also recognized by members of the American Red Cross Central Plains Division for volunteer efforts, as well as by Butler for serving as officers in the Butler Student Nurses Association (BSNA).

Rachel Evans    

Shelby Rieschick    
Allie Routh        
Jade Mosier        

Arkansas City
Halie Martin        

Cedar Point    
Rebecca Wade        

Amy Stuhlsatz, Class president, BSNA president, Red Cross Volunteer
Anitra Estrada        
Nicole Schmersey    

El Dorado
Kayla Clark        
Madie Griffin        
April Rummel        
Nikki Lewis        
Shannon Shue        

Cheryl Jahnke        

LeAnne Winn, Red Cross Volunteer    

Breanna Chapman    

Michael Sterbenz    

Whitney Christensen    

Cheyenne Turcotte    

Aubrey Cashion, Red Cross Volunteer

Park City
Katie Hale        

Anna Rew        

Valley Center
Brandy Hampton, Red Cross Volunteer
Christine Jessup, Red Cross Volunteer        
Jennifer Perry, Red Cross Volunteer        

Miesha Jackson, Class vice president    
Taylor Abdalla        
Eunice Arasa        
Philip Ayiera        
Brianna Benton        
Stephanie Berumen    
Karessa Blex, 1st year vice president    
Lisa Brown        
Theresa Burris        
Shelly Campfield
Demara Epperly
Carrie Fuller, Red Cross Volunteer
Denise Gastelum
Rochelle Grahem
Valerie Gray
Amber Hankins
Chelsea Hawthorne
Chelsey Hilley
Deambra Kunz
Veronica Madsen            
Morgan Myres        
Lauren Negrete        
Katie Nelson        
Kristen Nolte        
Alyssa Osborne        
Jill Patrick        
Sarah Peak
Tori Price
Jackie Ross
Cady Russell, 1st year BSNA president/ secretary, Red Cross Volunteer
Taran Sleconich
Julia Stone        
Tammy Tompkins    
Ryan Turner        
Tiffany Wilkins        
Chad Wiseman        
Tammy A. Withers    

Andrea Cooper