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Butler Early College Graduate Returns from Internship in South Africa

Butler Community College Vet Internship Student
Published: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Mckenzie Weisser, Early College graduate, learns about wildlife in South Africa during conservation veterinarian internship.

This past summer, Butler Early College graduate Mckenzie Weisser of Andover experienced and cared for wildlife in South Africa. Weisser graduated from Butler’s Early Health Science Academy in 2015. Because Weisser completed her Associate Degree at the same time she received her diploma from Andover Central High School, there were more opportunities for her to gain real-world experiences by interning.

One of Weisser’s most recent experiences was interning with a conservation veterinarian in South Africa. The internship lasted three months. During her time in South Africa, she was able to study wild animals, including lions, monkeys, sables, roan antelope, cape buffalos and caracals in their natural habitats and learn the methods used to care for them.

“I learned a lot of things while I was there, particularly about being a veterinarian for wild animals and how it’s different from working with domestic species,” Weisser said. “I had to figure out how to work with many different types of animals and I got to learn about some of the challenges those animals, particularly rhinos, are facing right now.”

Weisser is currently a junior at Berry College, a private, four-year school in Georgia. She is majoring in animal science with a pre-veterinary concentration. Weisser knows her experiences will help her in a career as a mixed animal veterinarian.