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Butler’s Interactive 3D Students Helped Create a National Employment Video

Des employment group
Published: Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Butler Community College's Interactive 3D department collaborated with DES Employment Group for a national video.

Butler Community College’s Interactive 3D Department collaborated with DES Employment Group to produce an orientation video for the company. When DES switched to a completely online application process, their orientation video needed to be updated. DES asked Prof. Darryl Runyan of the I3D Department if this video was a project that his students would be able to take on. Once the script was written, it was given to the students, and they began the project. In just a few weeks, the video was complete.

“We were all very happy to partner with Butler Community College and give the students the opportunity to make the video,” said Jeff Daleske, director of sales and operations for the Wichita and Kansas City branch of DES.

On October 26, 2017, DES Employment Group presented Runyan and the I3D Department with a plaque showing their appreciation for the time and talent the students put into the video.

 “I was very happy with the video, and we wanted to show the department how grateful we were for doing such a good job,” Daleske said at the presentation.

DES is working with Runyan and the I3D students again this semester to remake several other videos used in their training process.