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Butler Phi Theta Kappa Inducts 55 New Members

Butler Community College’s five-star chapter inducted 55 new members to the honor society Phi Theta Kappa
Published: Thursday, October 31st, 2019

Butler PTK chapter continues to grow in membership.

El Dorado, Kansas – On Sunday, October 27 Butler Community College’s five-star chapter inducted 55 new members to the honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK).

In order to become a member, students must acquire a minimum 3.5 GPA from at least 12 credit hours of 100-level classes or higher. After those requirements are met, students must be personally invited to become a member.

Members of PTK primarily focus on community work and collaboration. To start the semester off strong, PTK has already conducted a promotional mental health awareness week as community work for Butler students. In this week, they took an opportunity to provide publicity, resources, and thought-provoking details in regards to mental health issues. They also found opportunities to collaborate with Butler’s Student Government Association and College Health. PTK will exhibit more community service like this throughout the upcoming year.

Throughout the year, members research and construct projects to present at international competitions

Co-advisor of Butler’s PTK, Chrissy Baker, states, “it’s not all about the project, it’s also about the process.”

Described as a well-diversified family-oriented group of individuals, PTK grants multiple opportunities for members and for whomever the members serve.

PTK upholds four hallmarks to abide by which include scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship.

Baker takes delight in saying the following words, “Students join for the scholarship, but they stay for the fellowship.”

Since 1918, PTK has been honoring academic excellence and providing scholarships among colleges internationally.

The following students (alphabetized by hometowns first) were inducted into Butler’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society:

  • Whitney Mattern, Andover
  • Briana Whitehead, Andover
  • Grace Allen, Augusta
  • Hannah Augur, Augusta
  • Adam Deewall, Augusta
  • McKayla Everhart, Benton
  • McKenna Everhart, Benton
  • Yoana Tsaneva, Bulgaria
  • Thomas Scott, Burns
  • Courtnee Wisdom, Conway Springs
  • Aliyah Reeves, Derby
  • Kaydran Russell, Derby
  • Kell Wood, Derby
  • Michael Lydon, Augusta
  • Phillip Armbrister, El Dorado
  • Southatta Chanvannasee, El Dorado
  • Kara Cloud, El Dorado
  • Boston Craig, El Dorado
  • Cassidi Doyle, El Dorado
  • Emily Koontz, El Dorado
  • Briana Salinas, El Dorado
  • Liam Barrett, Essex, U.K.
  • Ashleigh Casper, Eureka
  • Kade Coon, Eureka
  • Hannah Simon, Eureka
  • Lisa Bolin, Hesston
  • Andre Davis, Junction City
  • Alexa Hunter, Kechi
  • Emma Young, Leon
  • Alanis Balza, Maize
  • Amy Bruno, Rock
  • Silvia Hepburn, Towanda
  • Edgar Adkins, Wichita
  • Jennifer Aguilar, Wichita
  • Aundrea Boyle, Wichita
  • Mallory Farmer, Wichita
  • Emily Flax, Wichita
  • Alicia Gamon, Wichita
  • Blaize Grunden, Wichita
  • Amanda Gusse, Wichita
  • Abigail Hale, Wichita
  • Anna Hockett, Wichita
  • Erika Jover, Wichita
  • Ashley Mallett, Wichita
  • Francisco Medina, Wichita
  • Amanda Moler, Wichita
  • Sarah Munn, Wichita
  • Naima Ngororo, Wichita
  • Melissa Reynolds, Wichita
  • Dulce Rios, Wichita
  • Emily Tefft, Wichita
  • Lisa Tran, Wichita
  • Mary Wadigasinghage, Wichita
  • Vera Wong-Mageo, Wichita
  • Nick Jones, Wichita