Facilities Saving Butler Money on Homemade Hand Wipes

Butler Facilities makes their own disinfectant wipes in house
Published: Saturday, October 31st, 2020

College saves $7,000 to $10,000 per semester on disinfectant wipes

When COVID-19 hit, organizations around the country snapped up any available PPE (personal protective equipment) until it was difficult to find. Butler Community College Facilities Management staff needed to find a way to provide the needed PPE for classes. 

“We started making our own disinfectant wipes because I was struggling to find wipes under 10 cents per wipe,” says Ireland Turner, assistant director of facilities management.  

A vendor told them they could make their own for much cheaper using disinfectant they had in stock. 

“We found out we could make our own wipes for about 2 cents per wipe,” says Turner. “We have large zip bags that we place a roll of paper towels and then fill the bag with the disinfectant chemical and it absorbs in the towels. And the paper towels were available.” 

Turner also said if for some reason a bag was left open and the towels dried up, facilities staff could re-hydrate them by adding more disinfectant. 

“We’ve been able to keep up with the demand,” says Turner.  

The cost savings to the college is significant. “We will save between $7,000 and $10,000 per semester by making our own wipes,” says Turner. “We just couldn’t find any wipes in stock when we started purchasing PPE. This was the only way we could supply the classes with them. We didn’t have an option at the time, but it’s going to save us money.”