Fall 2020 Nurses Pinning | Butler Community College

Fall 2020 Nurses Pinning

Nursing graduates being pinned in the 2020 Fall Nurses Pinning.
Published: Monday, January 11th, 2021

Nurses Pinning Ceremony Held Differently Due to COVID-19

Friends and family watched online while Butler Community College nurses were pinned live on November 24. The celebration recognized and pinned 55 students. 

To watch the ceremony, visit this Youtube link.

Among the 55, 11 students graduated with a joint degree from Butler and the University of Kansas. These graduates were able to earn a KU BSN and Butler ADN degree as part of a partnership between KU Nursing and Butler. The 2020 dual degree class includes Mackenzie Unrein of Augusta, Adam Beahm of Bel Aire, Desirae Jenkins of Derby, Sophia Watkins of Emporia, Dunnae Mercer of Harper, Ashley Kennedy of Oxford, Amanda Kidd of Wichita, Marisa Norrick Robinson of Wichita, Shelby Garrett of Wichita, Emily Tefft of Wichita, and Abigail Saenz of Wichita. 

Through this partnership, students have the opportunity to receive associate and bachelor’s degrees in nursing simultaneously. Students are able to receive hands-on training at Butler while attending online instruction through the KU Nursing Program

The ceremony includes a welcoming address by Caleb Ediger, associate dean of nursing and allied health, as well as greetings from Butler President Kim Krull; Lori Winningham, vice president of academics and Butler Board of Trustees member, Lance Lechtenberg. 

Krull expressed her gratitude to the graduates, “It takes a really special person to be a nurse, so thank you for making a commitment to this profession and thank you for your love for taking care of others.” 

Butler Nursing has a 94% pass rate compared to the 86% state average and is one of the top nursing programs in the state.  

Desirae Jenkins, the 1st and 2nd year class president and BSNA membership chair from Derby Kansas, addressed her classmates in her speech saying, “The many faculty members that have worked with us have done what they can to help us make the best choices for someone else – our patients, and that is a sacred thing.” 

Nursing Graduates by Hometown:  

* denotes KU BSN Graduate 

Andover: Prairie Hon 

Arkansas City: Kimberly Smith  

Augusta: McKinna Jackson, Ciarra Thomas, Mackenzie Unrein* 

Bel Aire: Adam Beahm*  

Derby: Desirae Jenkins*, Megan Padua, Callie Derenthal, Shane Winters  

El Dorado: Valerie Shaver, Brittany Eagle 

Emporia: Timi Clark, Sophia Watkins* 

Goddard: Samantha Soyez, Anna Maki, Bryce Neff 

Harper: Dunnae Mercer*  

Leon: Melissa Lacey 

Newton: Yeimi De La Mora 

Oxford: Ashley Kennedy  

Park City: Molly Jameson*, Harleigh Ysidro 

Rose Hill: Casey Jewell  

Shawnee: Silvia Agasa 


67203:  Amanda Kidd* 

67205: Ashtin Andres, Makayla Stafford, Diana Celeste Michel, Aylin Guerrero 

67206: Marisa Norrick Robinson*  

67207: Sandra Phomakay, Lydia Atandi, Michal Lattimore, Timothy Williamson, Zipporah Ndungu, Liliana Yanez  

67209: Stephanie Jordan, Hannah Dalhaus, Shelby Garrett* 

67210: Jesycha Hand 

67211: Jacob Hendrickson  

67212: Emily Tefft*, Hannah Valle, Sarah Ediger, Barbara Farbro 

67213: Kendra Cope, Courtney Mattioli  

67215: Laura Haskins  

67217: Aundrea Boyle, Shari Unruh, Yara Gonzalez  

67218: Abigail Saenz* 

67235: Kylah Brown  

Winfield: April Spengler