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Butler Adult Education Graduate Leads Her Kids to Butler Community College

Georgina Casanova, three of her children, thrive with Butler academics.
Georgina gave the speech at her son's, Miguel, Adult Education ceremony and National Adult Education Honor Society (NAEHS) induction. Georgina is also a member of the NAEHS and has give many speeches for Butler's GED celebrations. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Cody)
Published: Monday, July 8th, 2024

Georgina Casanova, three of her children, thrive with Butler academics.

Written by: Caleb Sanderson

Adult Education department details.Georgina Casanova and her son Miguel Alvarado of Augusta are both graduates of Butler Community College’s Adult Education program and members of the National Adult Education Honor Society (NAEHS). Miguel, his sister, Sarai, and his brother, Luis, all made ties with Butler following Georgina’s many academic accomplishments at the college. 

“My experience was nice,” Georgina said. “I got a lot of good instructors, mentors and guidance about what to expect. It opened a lot of doors for me, especially being able to put it on my résumé.” Georgina worked her way to a position in medical insurance and filing at Ascension Via Christi. 

Georgina built her résumé at Butler while working, raising four children and showing them they have options to move forward for what they want out of life. Hearing her speak about her children and her deep desire for them to be successful and happy, it’s evident they are a major reason she has challenged herself academically. 

Georgina joined Butler's program in 2013, 11 years after leaving high school. Along with her GED, she earned her Certified Nursing Aide and Certified Medication Aide certifications, as well as her Liberal Arts associate degree from Butler. She used both certifications for work before landing her current medical field role. 

When he realized high school was not a good fit for him, Miguel had a conversation with his mother about leaving Augusta High School in favor of a different learning structure. After deciding they both felt comfortable with Miguel joining Butler’s GED pathway, he enrolled and began classes in August last year. 

Although he didn’t want to finish his diploma at high school, Miguel was determined to earn his high school credit equivalency. When asked who his inspiration to continue was, Miguel instantly pointed at his mother, both sharing an unspoken moment before Miguel elaborated. 

“She helped me out because she’s been through all this,” Miguel voiced. “She told me I could do it at my own pace, because it was hard for me in my senior year, and this was a better fit.” 

Like she has for the past four or five previous ceremonies, Georgina gave a speech at Miguel’s GED ceremony, where he was also inducted into the NAEHS, like his mom. Because of the support of Heidi Davison and other program staff, Georgina feels compelled to help others going through the program. 

“Being a guest speaker for the events they invite me to - that for me is a big honor,” Georgina asserted. “I get good feedback from the students telling me the speeches are an inspiration and see that it’s possible. Part of the NAEHS is to stay within the association and to give back. So, in a way, giving back for me is to inspire those in the program.” 

Georgina’s daughter, Sarai, was a humanities Early College Academy student and 2021 Augusta High School graduate. Like her mother, Sarai looks at academic challenges head on to better herself. She hopes to attend law school at Washburn University or Baylor University. 

Luis, a junior in high school, has already been accepted into the Redler Institute of Culinary Arts at Butler. Miguel gave a big smile when describing the homemade oatmeal cream pies his brother made for them while practicing his pastry arts skills. Georgina encourages Luis to pick up at the grocery store a variety of food items, such as steaks and vegetables, to practice his culinary and pastry techniques before starting Butler’s Culinary Arts program. 

Georgina intends to pursue a bachelor's in medical administration from Wichita State University to advance herself in the medical field. Miguel hopes to earn his business bachelor’s degree prior to a degree in mechanics. Using these two degrees, he wants to open his own mechanic business to pursue his vehicle passion. 

Butler’s Adult Education program offers classes to sharpen student skills in math, reading and critical thinking. Designed to accommodate different learning styles, the classes prepare students for the GED test and help transition them to their next step.  

The accredited Accelerated Opportunities in Kansas (AO-K) offers options to propel students into a technical job or college. Students who have been out of school for a while and hope to review and refine necessary skills before attending college courses are also welcome. 

Classes start roughly every eight weeks with customized learning plans and options available online and at the Andover and El Dorado campuses. To find out more and reserve an orientation spot, contact Sherry Watkins at swatkins8@butlercc.edu, Krysty Schneweis at kschnewe@butlercc.edu or call at 316-323-6074.