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Online forms: Parking Violation Appeal Form

A person who believes that his/her vehicle has unjustly received a parking violation may appeal. All appeals of parking violations will be considered with respect to the parking rules and regulations of Butler Community College.


Appeals must be received or postmarked within ten (10) business days after issuance of the citation or the right to appeal is forfeited.

The Parking Appeal Review Committee meets monthly, the forth Thursday, to consider all written appeals. The committee consists of a representation of faculty, staff, and students.

Steps to be followed for an appeal:

1. Fill-out the Parking Violation Appeal Form. This form is available at all locations in addition to the college's web-site. (

2. Submit the completed appeal form and all other appropriate documentation including the parking ticket within ten (10) business days after issuance of the violation either electronically or by mailing to:
Parking Appeals Review Committee
C/o Security
Butler Community College
901 S. Haverhill Road
El Dorado, KS 67042

316.322.3144            316.323.6811 (fax)

The appeal will be reviewed at the monthly Parking Appeal Review committee meeting. The decision of the committee will then be communicated to the appellant in writing. The decision of the committee is final.


Listed below are some common reasons given for violating college parking rules & regulations. While these reasons may seem valid to the violator, they do not address the rules of the college. These reasons generally will not result in the violations being dismissed.

1. Short Errands- No errand, no matter how short or how important to the driver short of a bona fide medical emergency, is an acceptable excuse for illegal parking. A short errand is a very common excuse, but it is not a valid reason for illegal parking.

2. Late For Business Or Personal Appointment- Being late does not permit the driver the privilege of parking illegally.

3. No Place Else To Park- The Lot Was Full Other than being an invalid excuse, this, in fact, confirms the driver's liability. It is every driver's responsibility to locate legal parking.

4. I Didn't See The Sign - I Didn't Understand The Sign Drivers are required to look for signs when parking. A person indicating that they did not see a sign preventing parking is not an acceptable excuse.

5. I Left Someone In The Car; I Left My Parking Lights On Or Blinking; I Left A Note In The Car- Many drivers seems to think that evidence of a short stay mitigates the offense. It does not. The purpose of parking regulations is to restrict from certain places motor vehicles which are not in motion.

6. It Was Only A Few Minutes- This explanation is one of the most common claims. Even if true, parking in a prohibited area is illegal.

7. Nobody Else Got A Ticket- Sometimes this excuse is raised as discriminatory enforcement. The officer may have had to leave the area before checking all the vehicles; however, a citation stands on its own.

8. Someone Else Had My Car- The registered owner has joint responsibility with whoever was driving their car.

9. An Official Saw Me Park And Didn't Say Anything - Or Said It Was OK For A Few Minutes Generally speaking, employees have no authority to give permission to break the rules. Whenever possible, an officer will caution about illegal parking, but silence by an official does not waive parking restrictions.

10. The Violation Has Not Been Enforced In The Past- This normally is not the case, however, inadequate staffing or other priorities may give rise to violations not being enforced continually; but, nowhere does apparent failure to enforce parking rules constitute a valid excuse for illegal parking.

11. I've Done It For Years - Everybody Does It- This is never a valid excuse for illegally parking. Nobody should be rewarded for getting away with prior violations.