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Earn 3 Free Credit Hours of Tuition

Update - Face-to-face classes resume this Fall!

It's a Jungle Out There

Did the COVID-19 pandemic mess up your spring and summer plans? We’re here to make sure it doesn’t derail your educational goals.

Save Time, Money and Stress

You can't control the world, but you can take control of your education. Continue making progress towards your ultimate goal by taking classes online. If you take at least six credit hours during Summer 2020, we’ll reward you with three FREE credit hours of tuition for Fall 2020. Justifying college classes may be tough right now, but this is a way we can help. 

Lighten Your Financial Burden

Are your finances weighing heavy on your mind? We know times are tough, but investing in your education is extra critical when our economic future is uncertain. Talk with our financial aid counselors. As always, they do everything they can to make college classes a possibility for you. 


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Summer + You = 3 Free Credit Hours of Tuition for Fall 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Summer+ Scholarship?

I'm a new student to Butler - can I qualify for the Summer+ Scholarship?

Do students need to enroll in a minimum number of credit hours for Fall 2020 to receive the Summer+ Scholarship?

Do students still qualify for other scholarships, grants and loans in addition to the Summer+ Scholarship?

Is this scholarship transferable to other students or for other semesters?

Does my summer bill have to have been paid in full to receive benefit?

Is this scholarship refunded?

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The Summer+ Scholarship at Butler

Save Even More Money

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We understand cost is a major concern for any prospective college student. That's why the average cost per year to attend Butler is less than half of a state university and a fraction of a private or for-profit institution. Even better, when you enroll in 6 credit hours or more this summer, you get 3 credit hour scholarhip for Fall 2020.

Reach Your Goal Faster

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly endless interruptions for students all over the globe. Stay on track or get ahead with the Summer+ offer at Butler. We prepare our students for promising jobs and a better pathway to a bachelor’s degree for those who desire it.

Transfer Credits with Ease

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Whether you are continuing your education after Butler or taking classes as a guest student, you can work with your advisor to ensure your credits will transfer in your efforts to earn your Bachelor's degree. Plus, you'll join a caring network of Grizzly grads with mentors invested in your success.

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